Walkthrough of Temples of Talakadu

Talakadu is a desert like place on the bank of kaveri river in Mysore district of Indian state Karnataka. Talakadu is 45 km from Mysore and approximately 130 km from the city Bengaluru.

Talakadu is known for the Temples and once it had over 30 temples, most of which now hidden beneath the layers of sand. In this post I'll take you through some of the temples excavated in year 1911 and Kaveri River Basin Picnic spot also known as Cauvery beach.

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Devarayanadurga Hills: Amazing Riding Experience

Devarayana Durga or DD Hills located in the Tumkur district of Karnataka and is famous for its temples, rocky hills surrounded by forest. The road up to the hills gives scenic views of nature and ever the wonderful climate and charming beauty. People also visit here for adventurous, pleasantly and lovely riding experience.

There are two temples, one at the foothill called Bhoga Narasimha Temple and another one is on the hilltop called Yoga Narasimha Temple.

The distance of DD Hills is around 30 KM from Tumkur and 70 KM from Bangalore.

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How to Reach DD Hills: ♦ Devarayanadurga Hills is located in the Tumkuru District, Karnataka, India. ♦ You can choose to reach here through Dabaspete or Tumkuru ♦ You can also reach Dabaspete or Tumkur via Bus or Train then hire an auto or taxi from here. ♦ Nearest Airport is Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru (85 KM) and
♦ Nearest Railway Station is Tumakuru Railway Station (35 KM).
Location on Google Map for DD Hi…

Namda Chilume: Lord Rama Made this Water Spring

Namada Chilume is a natural water spring located near Devarayana Durga Hills (DD Hills) in Tumkur district of Karnataka. It is located around 75 KM from Bengaluru and around 15 KM from Tumkur.

This is the place where Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana stayed here during their exile in the forest. Lord Rama made this water spring when he could not find any water source to apply tilaka on his forehead. To make this water spring he shot an arrow on the rock and water came out. Hence this place was called Namada Chilume, meaning "Water of Spring". This water keeps running throughout the year and never dries up.

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How to Reach Namda Chilume: ♦ Namda Chilume is located in the Tumkuru District, Karnataka, India. ♦ You can choose to reach here through Dabaspete or Tumkuru ♦ Several buses ply this route and hence reaching Namada Chilume is not tough by public transportation. ♦ You can also reach Dabaspete or Tumkur via Bus or Train then hire an …

SRS Hills: Short Trek Near Bangalore

Revanasiddeshwara Betta is a small Hill in Rananagara district of the Indian state of Karnataka. This place is commonly called as SRS Betta or SRS Hills. The distance of the SRS Hills is around 60 km from Bangalore through the Kanakapura road and great for a day trip.

There are many temples on the site: on the top, there are two temples of Revanasiddeshwara (Lord Shiva), midway is Bheemeshwari (named after the pandava Bheema) and at the base is Renukamba temple.

SRS Hills is surrounded by many other hills and a huge lake at the base that creates a beautiful landscape view from the top.

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How to Reach SRS Hills ♦ SRS Hills is located in the Ramnagara District, Karnataka, India
♦ The best way to reach Hogenakkal Falls is either by your own vehicle or hire a car/taxi. ♦ You can choose to reach via Mysore Road or Bannerghatta Road based on connectivity from your area ♦ Vehicle can be parked at the base of Hill or can be taken to the half way of the Hill where …

Lepakshi Temple: An Architectural Wonder

Veerabhadra Temple, Lepakshi is located in the Anantpur district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This is the place where the bird Jatayu fell, wounded after a battle against Ravana who had abducted Sita and going to Sri Lanka with her. When Sri Rama reached the spot while looking for Mata Sita, saw the Jatayu who told him about Mata Sita and his battle with Ravana. Rama got overwhelmed by grief as by a surging sense of affection and gratitude and embraces Jatayu, gave him moksha and said compassionately, “Le Pakshi” (rise bird) in Telugu. And hence the place got its name.

The distance of the temple is around 130 km from Bangalore through the NH7 (Bangalore-Hyderabad highway) and great for a day trip. After crossing the Karnataka-Andhra boarder keep looking for signboard directing towards Lepakshi. You can find it around at a distance of 3-4 Km from the border. Here you need to take a left turn on a road which goes to Lepakshi. From here temple is around 18 KM.

Built in the 16t…

Bangalore Weekend Getaways (A Day Trip from Bangalore)

No matter how much we love our jobs and how satisfying the returns may be, everyone tends to get stuck in a rut once in a while. zombie-ing out in front of the PC, seeing the same faces, mulling over the same reports and numbers. It’s called being stuck in a professional limbo, and it happens to the best of us.

Being productive in both your work life and your home life is also important for having a stress-free attitude. A weekend break is a great way to rejuvenate yourself to cure yourself from all the stress you accumulate. Some time away from work - a weekend getaway can refresh you, can boost your productivity actually. So if you are among those who are looking for an ideal getaway a sanctuary to unwind and relax, you have come to just the place.

Taking the initiative to plan a weekend getaway may be difficult, but it's important to work it into your schedule. Here are a few ideas for a your weekend that needn't last more than a day if you're in a time bind

1. Big Ban…

A Trip to Hogenakkal Falls

Hogenakkal is a waterfall on the Kaveri river in the Dharmapuri district of the Indian state of Tamilnadu. It is located around 125 KM from Bengaluru, 46 KM from Dharmapuri and 343 KM from Chennai. Hogenakkal falls are also referred as Niagara falls of India. If you are looking for the weekend getaway destination from Bangalore where you can have ecstatic driving experience then this place is for you. Start early from Bengaluru as this is going to be more than 250 KM of ride. We started at 5:30 AM on 12th of Aug 2018 from Bangalore, had our breakfast in Hosur, took couple of breaks for photo-shoot on the way as scenery was very beautiful and finally reached Hogenakkal around 9AM. We enjoyed riding on the hilly and curvy roads but the place was closed because of flooded river. My suggestion is to make sure that place is open for tourist before you visit here.

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How to Reach Hogenakkal Falls ♦ Hogenakkal Falls is located in the Dharmapuri Distric…

Trekking to Shivaganga Hills: A Memorable Experience

Shivagange is a mountain peak with a height of 804.8 meters or 2640.3 feet and Hindu pilgrimage center. It is said that the hill looks like a ‘Shiva Linga’ when seen from one of the sides, also it is said that the spring water found here is from the sacred water of ‘Ganga’ thereby giving the place its name. This place is having various temples and also known as Dakshina Kashi or Kashi of South. It is located in Dabbaspet District of Indian state Karnataka. The distance of Shivagange hill is around 20 KM from Tumkur and 60 KM from Bangalore. Shivaganga Hill is a perfect weekend gateway as this also famous as trekking other than religious significance.

The best time to visit here is October to March. For trekking its good to reach here early morning to avoid climbing in the sunny day. Trekking to top of Shivaganga HIlls may take 90 to 120 minutes depending upon your strength. Be careful with your bags as there are a lot of monkeys up the hill and they will grab everything u have. A lot…
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